Off the Western Wall is a blog by regional expert and travel guidebook author Genevieve Belmaker (that’s me 🙂 ) about Jerusalem, Israel, and the West Bank. I’m an award-winning journalist, author, and aspiring humanitarian. I’ve spent several years living and working and raising my family in Jerusalem, Israel and the West Bank.

Important note: I don’t believe it’s possible to talk about the Middle East without talking about the politics of religion. 

This blog is more than an introduction and guide to Jerusalem (where the Western Wall is located) and beyond. It’s a place for information on everything that doesn’t go in my travel guidebooks on the region. It’s also a place for my occasional random thoughts about life as a journalist, writer, editor, and professional in my field.

If you find topics here too “political,” welcome to the party, pal. That’s the nature of the Middle East – complex, opaque, confusing, and above all – political.

About my books: I have researched, written, and photographed for three travel guidebooks on Jerusalem, Israel and the West Bank for Moon Handbooks as an author working with Hachette Book Group (see my author page).

Previously published and currently available guides for Moon Handbooks include “Jerusalem and the Holy Land” (Perseus, 2014), “Israel and the West Bank” and “Jerusalem” (both Hachette, 2016). The upcoming 2nd edition of “Israel and the West Bank” will be available in bookstores in fall 2019.

I also wrote and published a children’s book about a kitten in Jerusalem, “The Littlest Kitten” (2016) and a novella about being a fool in love, “Lovingly, yours” (La Raza X, 2018).

All of my books are available for purchase on my author’s page on Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble and in bookstores throughout the U.S. and overseas.