Underground Clubbing in Tel Aviv

The Tel Aviv club scene is confusing for an outsider, but I have come across a few good recommendations for underground clubs in the city.

The Penguin Club (at 43 Yehuda Halevi St., Tel. 03-566-1450, krembo.galofer@gmail.com) is a popular underground haunt with awesome electro and house DJs. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to have a website in English (or Hebrew) and its Facebook page is only in Hebrew.


People who have gone (I haven’t been there yet) say that it is a good spot to drop by on a Wednesday or Thursday night. But Tel Aviv is apparently a city of serious night owls, so you shouldn’t head out until about 2 a.m. or later. You can count on the party going strong until closing time at 6 a.m. The Penguin Club is officially member’s only, but there seems to be some leeway for determined  tourists.

Another option is Block (at 157 Salame St inside the Central Bus Station) with its high-quality analog sound system, and a seriously hefty lineup of international DJs. Time Out Tel Aviv calls Block’s bizarre location “cutting edge.”


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